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Things That Mattered in 2013

January 16, 2014

Well we had a good year.  Family life has gone well and we have all had a good time together and cherished one another.  The key moments have been my son going to Nairobi on his summer internship just before the airport burnt down, and he also went sking for the first time and loved it. My life carried on as usual with no particular points to punctuate the year except a trip to Cambridge to visit my son for a ceremony and a punt on the Cam. it is the day to day trivia that feel important, a walk with my mum or a friend, stopping for a flask of tea and taking in the view, whilst sharing out lives, our joys, our fears, disappointments etc..


My Sophie is now over two and has calmed down, at last she will sometimes settle and give me a few hours peace in the day.  Her basic temperament is very affectionate and she can go from calm to manic in under a second and is too much for most people but I adore her. 

I appreciate the things I have each day knowing that although I have a lot less than many of my friends, I have a lot more that most of the world and I never go to bed hungry, I have shelter and family and friends I love.





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  1. I love this and agree it is those small moments we should treasure.

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