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Nearly Two

July 23, 2013

Well my dear little dog is nearly two years old and what a difference a bit of maturity makes.  She is now a cracking dog and I am astounded by how much I love her.  So many of the problems we have with young dogs is down to their age.  Maturation often goes a long way, with training, to solve what at the times feels like impossible problems.  Sophie is now obedient most of the time, behaves well around joggers and cyclists, is usually good around livestock without losing any of her character or propensity to be naughty.  She is the most cuddly dog I have ever encountered and I think she is beautiful too. She is still hard work and needs a lot of exercise or activities to keep her occupied and loves nothing more than a ride in the car to her favourite shop or going round to our neighbours for a cup of tea!









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