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Life with My Dog

January 28, 2012

I decided to start a blog when I got a puppy because, despite reading lots of books and responsibly  preparing myself  I had no idea how tiring it could be or how time-consuming.  I wish I had been able to read a blog such as this before I got my pup, one that would have warned me what it is really like:-

  • tiring
  • boring
  • frustrating
  • time-consuming

It is of course great fun but does require enormous patience and resilience – none of the books tell you that lead training can take months, that house training may not be just a couple of accidents and ‘bobs your uncle,’ but would mean a new carpet, quite seriously mine is ruined, despite taking my bundle of joy out at least every hour.  Each pup is different and it is so easy to feel disillusioned when speaking to other dog owners who can’t seem to understand why you are walking around in a daze, blubbing in the street with clothes torn to shreds by your dog’s love of ‘tug of war’ games.  Just occasionally you will meet a gem who has had dogs of all sorts for twenty years and they will tell you some dogs are far more challenging than others and if they had had their ‘Percy’ as a first dog they would never have had a dog again and no it is not just bad owners that make dogs difficult, some just come wired that way and take longer to crack.

If I am honest there have been some days when I have regretted getting my pup and others when I can see that we are making progress and what a fine dog and companion she will become.  There are days when I feel totally inadequate and as if I don’t know what I am doing or how to handle her and on other days she responds to all my commands and is mellow and doesn’t do anything too horrendous.  I love her and have done since the day she was brought to me from the rescue centre, a tiny, quite beautiful runt but I have also had feelings for her which are not so pleasant.

I am doing this alone as my son is in his final year of school and has no interest in a rogue puppy which means even writing a blog is hard because while I have been typing away she has brought a plant pot (with soil and plant) into the living room, nicked a banana off the dresser and jumped on the forbidden sofa 5 times.  I get up at 6, no more lay ins or taking a cup of tea back to bed and within minutes of waking up I am chasing the dog up and down the living room playing tug of war games, ball or whatever else we can invent, still drugged from sleep.  I then get my son to school before a long walk with the dog, the rest of the day is spent playing with her because she doesn’t sleep all day as the books suggest and clearing up the mess.  It really is like having a toddler, the day is long and slow and boring.  The best times are when she sleeps next to me on the sofa or outside bench while I read or puts her paws on my shoulders for a cuddle and when bed time comes round I sigh such relief.

I got a dog because:-


  1. I wanted to exercise more and knew I would have to keep it up when a dog relied on me
  2. I wanted to enjoy exercise and a dog really does turn a walk into fun
  3. I wanted a companion
  4. I wanted to laugh a lot
  5. I wanted to feel safe at night (well she’d lick a burglar to death)
  6. I wanted to feel useful by rescuing a dog

So far all the above objectives have been met but with a high price tag – caveat emptor!


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